Monstera Deliciosa 170 mm

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Monstera deliciosa 'Fruit Salad Plant'
1x 170mm pot

Monsteras are one of the plants of the moment but also one of the most striking & easy to grow. They look amazing as a feature in a decorative pot in a living or lounge room. Small plants start with heart shaped leaves without holes (fenestrations) as the plant matures the leaves get much larger & the fenestrations more frequent until the leaf looks like Swiss cheese!
Height: Tall 1m+
Place in area of bright indirect light in the house or even outside on a sheltered verandah. As it is a climbing plant a support or stake will be needed it grows. Water sparingly, overwatering & lack of light will cause the plant to lose colour & go leggy.

Note: image is a representation of plant available. Plant size & leaf shape will vary.

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